We Believe in quality

The tight tolerances, a habit to check and double check coupled with our passion to consistently improve our process helps us consistently upgrade quality. We take steps that keep our quality high grade in terms of products and processes.

Our Quality

  • We have trustworthy farmers and cultivators who are committed to delivering better products to us. We educate them for high quality cultivation.
  • We also train them to harvest and transport products such that there is minimal quality loss.
  • Most of these farmers are from Saurashtra Region, where the quality of the produce is not only of better standards, but is believed to maintain the same quality for longer period of time.
  • There is visual as well as lab testing of received produce. We check the incoming goods on various parameters, depending on the type of commodity.
  • The impurities, metallic and other unwanted items are removed manually as well as with machines like Metal detectors. We are extremely meticulous about these removals.
  • The low quality grains are removed as well. They never form a part of further processing.
  • Each product is manually or mechanically processed as per need.
  • Peanuts are decorticated from the shells automatically in an efficient decorticator.
  • One more stage of visual inspection is carried out before packing the material for dispatch.
  • Packing is carried out in stringent manner to maintain high standards for exports as goods may be at sea for weeks.
  • Containerization, transport and shipping services are bought from most dependable logistic service providers. We ensure that they can meet our quality standards.

"Quality is not act. It is a habit.” ~Aristotle