About Company

Since 1995, we at Nisan Exports (India) have mastered the art and science to source, manufacture and supply a complete range of textile and apparel products and services – from fibre to fashion. Our operational expertise originates from deploying qualified human and material resources to deliver innovative and tailor-made products and services that delight all our customers.

We have been serving customers in Africa since the past 20 years, committing ever sincerely in providing tailor-made products for our customers. Under the leadership of founder and M.D., Mr. Shailesh Hirpara, we have achieved a well established market share in the African textile market.

Based in Rajkot, Gujarat, we own and operate our own manufacturing facilities and therefore have complete control of the finished product.
As a group, we also operate in other ventures, including investment casting and garmenting.


Quality is an uncompromising habit for us at Nisan. Quality assurance and consistency has always been the our greatest priority.


Delivery on time is of utmost importance in our industry where fashion trends change rapidly thus we take great care in planning and adhering to rigid delivery schedules.


Throughout our history we have always made it our culture to follow all domestic and international compliances whether they pertain to manufacturing or exports. It is a sense of pride for us.


We are always working to create new concepts, products and processes to improve efficiencies. Innovation is a true driving factor for us.